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Biennial Black Business Lending Survey & Equity1821 Grant Giveaway: At Equity1821 we C.A.R.E. In 2021, we asked the Black Business Community about their banking business needs and wants, which resulted in the creation of Equity1821. We are asking again to understand how to better serve Black businesses. Equity1821 is excited to offer a $5,000 grant to a small, black-owned business (MBE). To participate, eligible businesses must complete a survey created and owned by Black Onyx Management. We conduct this survey biennially to support improvements in lending to Black businesses.

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Our approach and offerings will address root causes and disparities in the small business ecosystem. 

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Equity Pays Black-led CDFI


A large unbanked and underbanked population is not only unsustainable for a well-functioning community, but it also presents an opportunity to engage an untapped client base. Let us help you bridge that gap.


A partnership with Equity1821 can help transform your company’s corporate social responsibility vision into real racial, social, and economic justice. If your company is invested in the success and resilience of black-owned businesses to advance the economic future of Indianapolis, we would like to connect with you.


We are seeking to partner with a diverse range of foundations and socially-minded organizations unapologetically committed to the success of Black business growth and development.
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