Black-led institutions encompass a trifecta including, Black-leader, Black-governed, and Black-served. All three aspects are needed because Black-led institutions know the community best – putting their interests first, listening to their feedback, and including them in the process so what is done for them is not done to them. Studies suggest Black-led organizations outperform other organizations serving Black communities.

Centering Equity In Impact Investing

Investing in funding equity drives meaningful change within the Black business community and supports the long-term success of Black-owned small businesses and the communities they serve by addressing the financial capital gap. With the necessary financial capital, Black business owners will have the ability to grow their businesses and create jobs.
While there are many resources targeted at helping businesses and entrepreneurs, not all of those specifically apply to Black business owners.

Let's build the economic power of our community together.

CDFIs serve as a bridge for this missed opportunity, bringing Black businesses and banks together. Equity1821 aims to be a Black-led CDFI loan fund focused on providing fiscal resources to address the root causes and disparities in small businesses. Learn more about CDFI’s below.

How To Engage

Our approach and offerings will address the root causes and disparities in the small business ecosystem.

Whether you are a Banker, Corporation, Entrepreneur, or Non-profit/foundation you play an integral role in assisting black businesses to gain access to capital, providing a high social and financial return on investment across the region.

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