Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs) emerged around 1973 to provide financial support for people and communities underserved by traditional banks and other financial institutions. 

Their principal function is to help underserved communities and businesses access the traditional financial system through financial resources and education. 

In Indianapolis, Black Businesses
are Underrepresented

Did you know?

Black people comprise approximately 17% of the Indianapolis Metro populations, but Black businesses are only 2.4% of the metro’s 34 thousand employer businesses.
There are 705 Black businesses with employees, compared to 32,828 non-Black businesses.
If Black businesses were the equivalent of the Black population, there would be more than 5,800 Black businesses.

Who stands to benefit from CDFIs?

The Federal Reserve, Small Business Credit Survey 2021 Report on Firms Owned by People of Color:

53% of the Black business owned firms reported struggling to access credit—more than any other racial or ethnic group in the study.

Black businesses also reported using their personal funds to keep the business going with nearly half of these businesses expressing concerns about the impact on their personal finances and credit scores.

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Equity Pays Black-led CDFI

How do we solve this?

A mission-focused CDFI...

Leveraging a non-profit loan fund structure presents the best opportunity for receiving community and financial support. While the CDFI will engage in beneficial financial transactions that the broad community may not be aware of, the benefits of a Black-led institution include creating the opportunity for citizens to create an authentic relationship with an institution that will have a greater appreciation and interest in the Black business community as compared to other financial institutions. 

How To Engage

Our approach and offerings will address the root causes and disparities in the small business ecosystem.

Whether you are a Banker, Corporation, Entrepreneur, or Non-profit/foundation you play an integral role in assisting black businesses to gain access to capital, providing a high social and financial return on investment across the region.

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